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Hello and Welcome to Herbs for Kids and Family!

I have been using all-natural remedies with my children for their whole lives. Often times, people ask me what products I use, so I have compiled my information here. I have been very lucky, in that my parents are herbalist and Naturopathic Physicians, but I am not offering this information to diagnose or cure - I simply wanted to share the results of my research with my own family. Links to actual products are provided where available - and many of my favorite products come from Nature's Sunshine Products and organic grocers and natural health pharmacies, like Whole Foods and Pharmaca.

Since I have a child on the autism spectrum, we try to use a GFCF diet for her. In our GFCF Kids section you will find information, GFCF recipes, and product recommendations to help you and your family implement a GFCF diet. Remember, GFCF is not just for autistic kids. Many people, young and old, can benefit from a wheat and dairy free diet.

Let's Talk About Being Sick from Easy Social StoriesLet's Go to the Doctor from Easy Social Stories

In addition, we have put together some health related Easy Social Stories that might work well with this information - specifically Let's Talk About Being Sick and Let's Go To The Doctor.

*These stories are currently availabe in English only. Translations are in process.

Disclaimer: this information is not meant to diagnose or prescribe and is not meant to be a substitute for consultation with your chosen health care provider.