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Why Herbs for Kids and Family?

Too often I look for something simple - cough medicine, for example - and I find ingredients that I just don't want to give my kids, like sugar substitutes, gluten or alcohol. I can't tell you how many times I have called my mom (a naturopathic physician) while I was at the store to read her the ingredients so she could tell me which was best for our family.

Now, I realize my access to this information is special and lucky, so I thought I would share my information with you. That's how home remedies endure, right?

I have tried to sort the information in the most helpful way - I include great home remedies, over the counter products and high quality mail order products that my kids take cheerfully and work well, along with my "herbalist first aid kit" - stuff that is so helpful, it's great to keep some around all the time.Please follow us on Facebook for timely information and news items that apply to healthy kids and healthy families.

Our Easy Social Stories that pertain to health can be helpful when a child is sick or needs to go the doctor for a check-up or illness. I use these stories with my autistic child - they are also well suited to very small children experiencing these things for the first time. These titles are inexpensive and are delivered to you electronically - allowing you to print them whenever you need them. Using the links below you will be allowed to preview each title, or browse through our full list of titles that address new places to go, behaviors and school.

Let's Talk About Being Sick from Easy Social StoriesLet's Go to the Doctor from Easy Social Stories

In addition, we have put together some health related Easy Social Stories that might work well with this information - specifically Let's Talk About Being Sick and Let's Go To The Doctor.

*These stories are currently availabe in English only. Translations are in process.


Disclaimer: this information is not meant to diagnose or prescribe and is not meant to be a substitute
for consultation with your chosen health care provider.

This site is brought to you by Carole Cherry, an autism mother sharing insights gained along the way. My severely autistic daughter is now 16 years old and she has inspired me to post this information, along with the rest of the sites in our suite of support services:

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Easy, natural remedies for children and family

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